Why ‘free-range’ eggs are cruel

  • Regardless of the treatment, once a hen can’t produce eggs enough, she is murdered. So, even a ‘free-range’ egg consumer is contributing to killing. Note that chickens bred and raised for eggs are genetically different from those grown for meat. The egg ones can’t put on weight fast enough for them to be viably raised for meat. So, the demand for eggs is the only reason why the egg-laying hens – in ‘free-range’ hatcheries and elsewhere – are bred into existence, enslaved and finally butchered.
  • The male babies are nothing but financially liabilities, so most of them are killed soon after birth in ‘free range’ hatcheries too.
  • The hens have a deep motherly attachment with their eggs, and feel acute anguish when the eggs are taken away.
  • ‘Free-range’ is often just a marketing gimmick to enhance the branding/acceptability.
  • Even if the ‘free-range’ chickens’ physical enslavement is slightly less, the birds are still denied the freedom to lead a natural life as per her own consent and wish. We only have to place ourselves in their position for a minute to recognize how agonizing such a slave life is for these so-called ‘free-range’ chickens.



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