Buying vegan products

Vegan food products

  • Soy milk is handy in the starting as it’s readily available in the market now. (Since soy milk is very high in protein, it’s not recommended to use it very regularly.)
  • Ice Cream: Amour has many Sorbet options in multiple cities. Kwality’s Fruithaire ice-cream candies are vegan. In Hyderabad, Berry’s has just started Soy based ice-creams, which are identical in taste to the usual dairy ice-creams and very economical too. They can be ordered by calling Mr. Vijay at 09866081152/9059068800/9391689333 (minimum 3 ltrs)
  • Cakes: Contact Meeta (9908004103) or Mandarine (08884182816, order customized vegan cakes.


  • Biscuits: hide-n-seek (plenty of flavors), Oreo, pickvick, parle’s coconut and bourbon, Monaco, McVities Hobnobs(for others just check the ingredients). (Caution: like all biscuits, it’s best to limit the intake from a health perspective. Plus, vegan or non-vegan,most of them come in non-recyclable plastic + aluminum packaging.)


  • Waffles – Duke’s Waffles (except Chocolate flavor) are vegan.
  • Sweets: some shops keep Boondi laddu made with vegetable oil orcashew/fig burfi without mava. Haldiram’s classic soan-papdi and badam halwa is also Vegan.
  • Chocolates & candies: Cadbury’s bourville (4 varieties) and Nestlé’s dark chocolates (2 varieties) are vegan. Malia bar (nutritious raw bar) is available in several cities and can be ordered online.
  • Frozen Food: All stuff by Fry’s – Fry’s Veggie Burgers, Veggie Polony and Veggie Sausages. Sunshine foods mock meats are available in some cities.
  • Plant based butters and mayonnaise: Vegan plant based butters (from peanut, cashew, almonds, sesame etc.) can be bought at Dakini Foods and fab-india. Fun-food’s diet mayonnaise is vegan.
  • Soy milk powder : has soy milk powder in different flavors Available at various stores in major cities (please contact them for the store information)
  • For more on vegan products, one should follow Vegan India Blog to get regular update of such type.
  1. bournville is not vegan…i read contents of one of them
    (forgot which one)

  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know Bournville isn’t Vegan. It has milk solids in it.
    Can you please reconfirm?
    Thank you.

  3. Even Oreo biscuits is not vegan

  4. pranshu pareek

    Are parle fab and bourbon both vegan?

  5. Where can I find mock chicken or vegan chicken in Hyderabad

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