Eating out vegan in the city

  • Vegans are not limited to home food at all. Restaurants of every cuisine serve dishes that are devoid of dairy, eggs, & meat. I just ask the waiter not to include butter, ghee, cheese, paneer, milk or cream in the dishes that I order. I generally tell them I am allergic to milk. If feasible, I elaborate on veganism.
    • Some restaurants also keep tofu: a healthier soy-based paneer alternative, which tastes just like dairy paneer. Otherwise, you can buy a tofu packet (readily available in supermarkets) and ask them to make your favorite paneer dish with tofu. If your group has a sizable number, they are likely to cooperate.
  • Pizza: If you are a pizza lover, you can enjoy cheese-less pizza. (You need to tell them not to put any cheese in there. If they refuse, give examples of their competitors doing that for you. They will turn around!). Eagle Boy’s Pizza,Papa John’s and US Pizza have vegan pizza dough, where as other brands don’t. US Pizza even makes Vegan Garlic breads.
  • Little Italy is a vegan friendly restaurant that will customize your order according to your requirements.
  • For hostel students, Arun, an IISc student has devised a very good set of guidelines here.
  • Subway has introduced Vegan sandwich in some of its outlets. CCD has Vegan shake on its menu.

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