Cooking vegan at home

  • Please find all the recipes for dairy and meat alternatives here.
  • For Tea, some people use soy and cashew milk. Cashew milk actually tastes very good. Here’s a video recipe for the same. I personally do not use any kind of milk for tea. Before turning vegan I never imagined I would be able to drink milk-less tea. But just in 15-20 days of regular intake has changed my taste buds so much that I enjoy milk-less tea now. I drink variations of it, such as lemon tea, herbal tea, lemon-grass tea, green tea, tulsi tea, amla tea and also add different herbs like ginger, mint, tulsi, cinnamon, eliachi, etc.
  • Coffee tastes very good with coconut milk or vanilla flavored soy milk. (Do not boil the coconut/cashew/almond milk. add them in the end 5-10 sec before stopping the stove).
  • Curd: Here are ways to make vegan curd. Peanut curd goes well with buttermilk, raita etc. For other usages, cashew curd is also a good choice. Instead of Rejeuvelac one can also use lemon to make curd starter in small quantity and use it later to make the curd in more quantity. There after store the vegan curd in the freezer to use as a starter for the next batch.
  • Orgran offers variety of easy baking mix & egg replacer (cakes, pancakes etc) and egg-replacers too. Most of them are gluten free. They are available at Nature’s basket stores in major cities.
  • Almond milk & soy milk are also good choice for breakfast cereals and some recipes.
  • Tofu is an excellent replacement for Paneer. It’s available in most supermarket type stores now.
  • Any curry (even Malai Kofta) can be easily veganised, just by replacing – Ghee/butter with coconut oil (or any oil), Paneer with Tofu, dairy cream/mava with cashew cream (sometimes added with watermelon or pumpkin seeds), milk (dairy) with coconut or cashew milk.
  • If cost is an issue, coconut milk fits the bill. One coconut makes almost 3/4ltr of coconut milk. It can be used in making hot/cold coffee, cold cocoa, ice-creams, kheer, sweets etc. You can also use thick coconut milk for some ready-made ice-cream mix.
  • Ice-creams : Yup, delicious, easy to make, dairy-free and cholesterol free ice-creams are possible! Find some recipes here.
  • Sweets: Many recipes for veganized Indian sweets can be found here.
  • Cheese from Cashew: Soak cashews for 2-3 hours. Add garlic, salt and pepper as per taste and run it in food processor. Slowly add water to make it as creamy as you want. Refrigerate it over night for better taste. Here are some more cheese recipes (avoid herbs if you don’t have any, or you can use dry herbs).
  • Home made pizza with cheese! : Find the detailed recipe here. Once you make it, next time it becomes pretty easy to repeat.

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