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  1. hi thinking of being a vegan..
    hoping it wont b bad. may need some help

    • Glad to know you want to be vegan Harshika. I believe we already communicated on Hyderabad Vegans FB group. Welcome to the group and would love to help out with your vegan transitioning :-).

  2. Hey fellow Vegans! I am Akhila and this July 1st will mark the 1st year of our family turning vegan! Yayyyyy!! It wasn’t as hard as everyone thinks it is, but, that may be because we didn’t give it a lot of thought before making the decision. I believe that regarding some things, the more you think about, the harder you feel it is and the more you get scared of actually DOING it. But, basically this fear is all just in the head.

    Now, how did our whole family turn Vegan? My younger sister had an experience in one of her Meditations. She saw how a lot of animals are being tortured for heavy milk production and we quickly calculated the amount of milk, milk-based and milk-extracted products we use in our daily life. In a second we realized it may be 500:1 (human beings to cow/buffalo/goat)! This was reason enough for us!

    The reason for being a Vegan not being so difficult for us may be because of the variety of daily foods an Indian can make without any milk product, especially a South Indian! We don’t use butter/cheese/cream in any of our daily South Indian Recipes though having pappu (dal) without ghee was a little bit of a trouble (at least for me)! But, we successfully started getting used to it (I started keeping a small bowl of fryums/papad to go with it!). Health-wise we are feeling as good as ever and to tell you the truth, I am personally feeling much lighter what with no-fat of any kind in my system except for the oil!

    Now, in the last one year I have never experimented with anything other than mostly Indian foods and a little bit of chinese foods and salads here and there. Now, I’ve started getting a little bored and I really want to go for some good-old fashioned pies, cookies, cakes and brownies that can be baked at home. I have seen the easiest recipe (I do prepare a wide variety of dishes, but, the chances of them ending up on the table rather than the dustbin are still quiet low! 🙂 So, I need something very very simple!) to make a Vegan Apple Pie on and I needed Vegan Margarine for that. I have tried in Q-Mart and it was not available. So, if you guys can tell me a place where I can buy Vegan Margarine you’ll make me the happiest person on earth! 🙂

    Please let me know as soon as you can as I wanted to make it this Sunday!

    Take care and hope to catch you guys soon!

    PS: Please accept my friend request in facebook! 🙂

  3. Hi all,

    As all of you already know, Cadbury Bournville is no more a Vegan Chocolate and hence, we can’t have it. Since I got to know this fact, I’ve been thinking and finally have sent a mail to Cadbury people. I request all of you also to do the same, in your own words. The e-mail ID I’ve sent to is: (Found it somewhere on Google itself.)

    This is a simple effort to spread awareness about Veganism and create more options for us, Vegans.

    Any other suggestions are also most welcome.
    Hope this helps…

  4. One awesome blog packed with information!
    I’m so glad that i stumbled upon you! 🙂
    keep writing more great stuffs.


    Can u inform me about vegan restaurants in Hyderabad

  6. Are there any vegan restaurants in Hyd??

  7. Santosh Reddy

    Myself santosh Reddy completely support vegan as I too won’t eat egg and no leather finished product I used…. Can u people respond me and I want to join UR group…

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