List of vegan lifestyle products in India

[This post is a short version of the original post published by Monika at her blog here. We have added some more details in this list, which is related to Hyderabad]

Note: This list is made from my own experience & knowledge & by no means is foolproof, so please do your own research and use your own discretion before buying & using any of these products. Also veganism is about animals, not about money and not about health. Thus all of the products listed below are vegan and if some of these products do not appeal to you on the bases of health or money, then please skip them. All of these products can be ordered online, so they can reach any and every person in even the remotest parts of India. Just check the ‘store locations’ option on their websites and you’ll find many of them are stocked at the same online stores, so buying becomes easy. They can be ordered in bulk (6 months- 1 year’s quantity) to save the hassle of ordering regularly and to keep a smaller eco-footprint.

Soaps: Medimix, Neev, Sri Aurobindo, Puro’s, Biotique, Dear Earth, The Natures Co, Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, Rustic Art, Soulflower, Omved, Forrest Essentials, Swati Soaps (can be ordered from Jiva Organics), Sai Sampada

Shampoos: Energy home shampoo powder, Biotique, Surya Brasil, Neev, Soulflower, Rustic Art, Omved, The Natures Co, Forrest Essentials, Calify shampoo (ph: 9953980203)

Handwash: Any of the above soaps or Neev‘s handwash

Toothpaste/Toothpowder: Vicco toothpaste, The Natures Co, Nature’s Lap, some locally available ones are vegan too but read labels & get it in writing from the company

All purpose disinfectant/insect repellent: These can be used instead of phenyl or in cupboards, bed boxes & kitchens by putting some of it on a piece of cotton – works to repel all insects including flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fruit flies, etc. – just put 3-4 drops in 3-4 litres of water & mop as usual – Nirvaaha Floor & Surface Cleaner, Nature’s Lap Herbal Cleaner, A combo of any citrus oil (lemongrass, orange, citronella) & mint family oil (basil, lavender, thyme) – can be brought from any reputed wholesaler at low costs.

Detergent for washing clothes:Krya, 108 soapnuts by Daily Dump, Vanastree, Rustic Art

Dishwashing powder: Krya, Vanastree

Mosquito repellent: Herbal Mosquito Repellent (ph: 8590211102) & can be ordered from Energy Home ( OR use citronella oil (10 drops in 1 litre of water & spray in room or put a drop or two on your bed or use citronella or lemongrass essential oil as phenyl in your house)

Deo: Alum (a Rs.10 bar can be purchased from any medical store & lasts a lifetime. Can be rubbed on the skin after wetting & works as antiperspirant), Perfume Oils from Fab India (I havent confirmed with the company but it *seems* vegan as per ingredients), Biotique (check with them for individual products, whether what product you’d like to buy is vegan or not), use any nice smelling essential oil diluted very well with base oils like olive/sunflower, etc.

Lip balms: Puro’s, Omved

Moisturizing lotions: Puro’s, Omved, The Natures Co

Shaving Cream: Omved, use any soap & shave as a shaving cream is not totally necessary always.

All-purpose cleaner for basins, tiles, toilets, etc: synthetic white vinegar (just rub it on tiles & wipe clean in 30 minutes), vinegar + baking soda combination (in proportion of 4:1)

Baby products: These two companies have a baby products range, but check for baby safety yourself & use as per your discretion (I believe these would be safer from the chemicalized crap that we usually get in the market ) – Rustic Art & Biotique (check with them for individual products, whether what product you’d like to buy is vegan or not)

Dog ticks & fleas: I use it, its not medical advise, so please use after consulting with your vets – Bathe them with reetha &/or neem/tulsi/eucalyptus/mint etc leaves paste or powder (available at many local, small grocery shops/ kirana stores/ayurvedic shops) & for the last rinse use very diluted (1 drop in 1 -2 litres of water) of the above (ie the all purpose disinfectant mentioned above in point no.5) essential oils. I even put a little of it on my dogs leash in the rainy season.

Kajal: Biotique ( (*might* be vegan, they told me on the phone that its vegan & their website also says that most of their products are *vegan*, *however* they havent given it in writing, so recheck with them & use as per your own discretion), Lotus(*seem* to be vegan, however check with the company yourselves, get it in writing & use them as per your discretion), I have a kajal made & gifted to me by the owner of Rustic Art, so maybe we can all ask her to make more of it & sell it

Cosmetics: Lotus products *seem* to be vegan, however check with the company yourselves, get it in writing & use them as per your discretion. In my opinion, they are more cruelty-free than any other cosmetic brand in India.

Medicine: Holistic medicines by Dr.Rupa Shah (Mumbai), can be contacted on She gives flower remedies for animals too. I also prefer to use plants, herbs & oils to get rid of any problems & they work wonders. Also being vegan, we havent really fallen sick, being unwell is the rarest of the rare thing for us, and recovery is super-speedy too. I just try to stick to rest & fruits & coconut water & disease vanishes fast!

Dog food: Benevo by Vegeco

Any product: make your own using herbs & essential oils, detailed info can be googled.

Totally vegan companies: The Natures Co, Krya (vegan-owned too), Puro (not vegan owned)

Almost vegan company: Omved

Vegan-friendly companies (with multiple products): Rustic Art, Biotique

Published(after some changes) from here. Thank you Monika for compiling the list!

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