Past Events

The Hyderabad Vegans team has carried out number of events in the past. The group started in the month of February 2012. Since then we have been arranging vegan potlucks almost every month, creating awareness sessions every week, helping people make the connection and transition into this lifestyle. The idea of vegan potlucks is to expose the new vegans or non-vegans to the world of vegan living and provide a support system for them during their period of transition. Besides that, it also provides a platform for all the vegans to get to know each other better!

Awareness sessions are being conducted every weekend in various types and forms. So far we have hosted stalls at Good Seeds Bazar, Sloka School Bazaar and Srinidhi School Bazaar and with the help of an active volunteer base we conduct video outreaches, arrange lectures in schools and colleges, conduct nationwide events and many more.

In addition, there have been several introductory sessions arranged where a short movie is screened which is then followed by a presentation. We also try to arrange vegan delicacies such as (peanut)curd-rice, Lemon tea and (soy)ice-cream for the attendees to give them idea about how vegan versions of their favourite dishes taste.

Follow our Facebook group to stay tuned to all the upcoming events and potlucks.


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