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“Cube Of Truth” in Hyderabad.

 Joining an international movement to denounce cruelty against animals, members of our voluntary group, Hyderabad Vegans held an event presenting footage on suffering of animals and their cruel deaths through laptops at Prasad’s Imax here on Sunday. The event ‘Cube of Truth’ called by Anonymous for the Voiceless was held across 190 cities including Hyderabad.

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The compilation of footage shown by us to the visitors included suffering caused by human exploitation of animals for food, clothing, entertainment and in the name of experiments.Our main aim was  drawing people’s attention to the immense suffering that human choices inflict upon animals and urging them to change for good.
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World Vegan Day : Dr. Will Tuttle and his wife give a talk about compassion to all beings.

It was a wonderful coincidence that on Tuesday evening, a day before the World Vegan day (November 1), Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience awardee Dr Will Tuttle and his wife Madaleine Tuttle gave a music concert and a talk on compassion towards all beings.

The event was held at Phoenix Arena, Madhapur, as part of their pan-India tour, and was organised by the Hyderabad Vegan Group in association with Goethe-Zentrum and Satvik Vegan Society.

Dr Will Tuttle is the author of the Amazon-bestselling book World Peace Diet. The Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience award is a prestigious one and is conferred upon the likes of Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.

Being a vegan for the last 37 years, he could convey his personal journey to the audience with great ease. The highlights of his talk were about ‘Ahimsa’, ‘Pranaa’ and ‘eating attitudes’.

Will TuttleDr Tuttle blissfully and skilfully played the piano while his wife Madaleine joined him by playing the silver flute for the last piece. The pieces were called the Red Wood Light, Artic Moon, Benediction of Light and Soaring Pelicans. The purpose was to create a conscious mood through their music, and the audience instantly connected with the performances.

Shankar Narayana from the Satvik Vegan Society was ecstatic about receiving a note of appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their effort in organising a pan-India tour for such a good cause. In his note, the Prime Minister said “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” meaning “it is the ethical responsibility of mankind to treat all living beings with compassion and respect”.
He further added that veganism is the way to live.

After the concert and the talk, people were seen enjoying food from cruelty-free, vegan stalls organised by The Lush Glaze, Smart Alec and The Terrassen Café.

Philip Nicozisis of the USA’s Hippocrates Health Institute who is a published songwriter and a dear friend of Tuttle’s summed up the mood of the entire event in a single statement, “Nothing tastes as good as vegan feels”.

Introduction to Hyderabad vegans

This group is dedicated to ‘vegan’ living, based on a simple philosophy: Any being that feels pain should not be put to pain. A vegan (pronounced vee-gun) makes choices that do not result in any pain or harm on animals. Vegans refrain from all products derived from animals: milk and dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, honey, wool, leather and silk. Most of us overlook the fact that, even in India, milk leads to as severe animal suffering as eggs and meat. Cows and buffaloes are brutally forced into pregnancy repeatedly, subjected to hazardous growth hormone injections, and treated as though they are milk machines. Mothers are separated from babies, who are deprived of the milk which is actually meant only for them! Hence, unlike vegetarians, vegans also avoid all milk items (including paneer, cheese, ghee, butter and curd). Succinctly put, a vegan eats nothing from a mother, nothing with a face. Incidentally, plant-based food also turns out to be equally beneficial for our own health, and that of our planet! And, you can now achieve all of this without sacrificing your favorite tastes at all: From sweets, chocolates, cakes & ice-creams to curd, paneer, cheese, pizza and tea/coffee, almost every taste you are accustomed to can now be had milk/egg free!

Anyone seeking information about veganism is most welcome. You need not be a vegan to join the group. All that is expected is an open and empathetic mindset!