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Vegan Bazaar: truly guilt-free fun, food and shopping! – on 9th February

Would you be excited to know that ice-creams, curd, cakes, chocolates, cheese and numerous other delicacies can easily be had dairy/egg-free (i.e. cholesterol-free and cruelty-free)?

Are you looking for natural options for home, body and hair care that are free from any animal ingredients or testing?
Do you want to know how to reverse diabetes, heart disease, asthma, high BP & other lifestyle diseases, and lead a healthy life?

Would you like to meet like-minded people, who are vegan for for ethical, health and/or environmental reasons?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, you have got to visit Hyderabad’s first Vegan Bazaar! It will be a wonderful one-stop shop showcasing a wide variety of vegan food and lifestyle products/alternatives. Kindly bring your family and friends along as well. The range of vegan options they will see there will go a long way towards convincing them that a vegan only avoids animal cruelty and ill-health, NOT tasty food. The poster below mentions the timings, address and details on some of the stalls you can look forward to.

Here’s the Facebook event - . Feel free to circulate the poster below and the FB event widely among your contacts.



Here are some of the many vegan and cholesterol free items you will find in the Bazaar:

1. Dairy free ice-cream, cakes, cookies, chocolates, mysore pak, kaju katli, apple crumble pie
2. Shahi Tofu Makhani
3. Vegan millet based dishes
4. Soy milk, soy butter milk, tofu and pasta
5. Dairy-free curd-rice
6. Macaroni with dairy-free cheese
7. Vegan cheese sandwiches and cashew based cheese-spread
8. Vegan peanut-curd starters
9. South Indian coconut-milk based payasam
10. Healthy sesame mylk making demonstrations
11. Vegan and natural health supplements
12. egan soaps, shampoos, conditioners, face creams and other body/hair care products
13. Vegan flour cleaner options
14. Vegan Baby food products
15. Variety of vegan tea
16. Vegan accessorie like purses, belts, wallets etc.
17. Find out about a number of books on healthy living and eating that shows how to reverse diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc. just by healthy food habits!
18. Get to know about lots of interesting vegans, their stories 🙂

Date: 9th February (Sunday), Time: 11 am to 5 pm (The sooner you come, the better)
Venue: Our Sacred Space, 9-1-84 Sardar Patel Road, Ring Road, Next to Orchids florist, Secunderabad. [Near ISKON, St. John’s Circle)
Contact: 7893225500,


Everyone’s cup of tea!

I have always been a huge tea addict. And, before turning vegan, I’d invariably had tea made of animal milk. So, when I took up the vegan lifestyle, tea was one of the challenging aspects. Today, I am aware of a few amazing options for vegan tea (including one that totally resembles the taste of animal milk tea). But, 2.5 years ago, I didn’t know as much. One thing I knew for sure was that, no matter what, I should not – and will not – contribute to the rape and torture of cows. So, I experimented with lemon tea, herbal tea, masala tea, tea made from soy mylk, etc. I warmed up to these vegan tea options so well and so quickly that within a month of turning vegan, tea became a non-issue. I’ve never had any craving of animal milk tea since then (even when someone drinks it right in front of me).

Today, a tea loving new (or aspiring) vegan’s life is actually even easier! For those of you who want the taste of animal milk tea, but not the cruelty involved in it, here’s a magical solution! It’s been tried and (successfully) tested on a number of non-vegan guests in my house. In fact, after drinking this vegan tea twice a day for three days, an aunt of mine hesitantly asked me if we had to buy cow’s milk just for their tea! 🙂

The secret mylk of this tea is cashew+almond mylk – mixed in equal quantities. Very simple, very effective!

Recipe for making the cashew-almond tea:

  • To make cashew-almond mylk, soak equal quantity of cashews and almonds overnight (in different bowls). Blend them in the morning with water, sieve with a fine cloth. (Sieving is only necessary to make tea, for any other recipes with cashew or almond mylk, it’s optional.) This mylk can stay for 3-4 days in the refrigerator.
  • Warm cashew-almond mylk if taken out of refrigerator.
  • Boil water with sugar, tea leaves, masaala (optional), ginger(optional) and anything more that you usually like to add in your tea.
  • Add the cashew-almond mylk to it and keep stirring with spoon continuously for half a minute. Stirring is very crucial else the mylk might separate.
  • Sieve, pour it in a cup and serve hot!

In case you want to make tea for some unannounced guests, here’s a way. Soak cashews and almonds saperately. Drain water completely and freeze them in two different airtight containers. So when the guests arive, all you need to do is blend them in equal quantity, sieve and prepare tea!

Other vegan tea options

Some people use just cashew mylk (Here’s a recipe video) or soy mylk for their tea, and that too works fine. There are many options without them too: lemon tea, herbal tea, lemon-grass tea, green tea, tulsi tea, amla tea. You could add different herbs like ginger, mint, tulsi, cinnamon, cardamom and mint.

Cost: NOT a concern

Home-made cashew-almond mylk roughly costs around Rs. 70 per liter for me. The cost obviously varies according to the prices of cashews and almonds purchased. Considering one cup tea consists of half a cup of mylk (around 100ml), a cup of this tea costs Rs. 7. Given the prevalent rates of animal milk tea, and the fact that the cashew-almond tea is a much healthier option containing no cholesterol or contaminants that animal milk has, I believe it is perfectly reasonable and totally worthwhile. Plus, don’t forget the amazing mylk-free vegan tea options mentioned above. They are extremely cost-effective and equally stimulating!

Happy mother’s day? No way!

Courtesy : Madhulika Jajodia

hyd-vegans-blog-picToday as we celebrate the mother’s day, as we drink and eat the products stolen from constantly grieving mothers, I begin to wonder whether its really a happy mother’s day ? We should at the risk of sounding Speciest, call it, a happy “human mothers” day! It’s only us who will get to hug the babies today, cuddle them, and keep them close to our hearts. The rest, though they experience the joy of giving birth, will never get to touch or feed their newborns. Night after night these mothers will weep, broken hearted, for the babies they will never see again.

The eggs for that scrumptious cake that your son or daughter bought for you, and celebrated the day with, come from hens who never get to see chicks emerging from the eggs they lay every day. They get depleted laying them day after day, only to be slaughtered when they are no longer “useful mothers”. The male baby chicks are ground alive as meat. The female chicks are kept separately till they grow up enough to become egg laying machines like their mothers.

The milky coffee or tea that was served with lot of hugs and smiles form your children, is the reason for millions of calves either being starved to death or sold for veal. A cow’s gestation period is around 9 months, the same as us human mothers. She never gets to feed the milk that nature provided her to nourish her babies. A mother cow’s cry after her calf has been taken away from her is heart rending. Depleted of milk and with a broken heart, she too ends up in a slaughter house, her only fault, she stops being a “commercially viable mother”.

Tonight as we hug our children close to our hearts, read them stories and laugh at their antics, let us also remember those non-human mothers who have been denied the very basic joys of motherhood, only so that we humans can enjoy the stuff that was meant for their babies instead of us. Vegans do not disrespect any mother, they refuse to celebrate at the expense of someone else’s pain. Think, are you truly celebrating a happy mother’s day? To celebrate the true spirit of a mother-child bond, do the right thing, go Vegan! (for details, check the links below)

Introduction to Hyderabad vegans

This group is dedicated to ‘vegan’ living, based on a simple philosophy: Any being that feels pain should not be put to pain. A vegan (pronounced vee-gun) makes choices that do not result in any pain or harm on animals. Vegans refrain from all products derived from animals: milk and dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, honey, wool, leather and silk. Most of us overlook the fact that, even in India, milk leads to as severe animal suffering as eggs and meat. Cows and buffaloes are brutally forced into pregnancy repeatedly, subjected to hazardous growth hormone injections, and treated as though they are milk machines. Mothers are separated from babies, who are deprived of the milk which is actually meant only for them! Hence, unlike vegetarians, vegans also avoid all milk items (including paneer, cheese, ghee, butter and curd). Succinctly put, a vegan eats nothing from a mother, nothing with a face. Incidentally, plant-based food also turns out to be equally beneficial for our own health, and that of our planet! And, you can now achieve all of this without sacrificing your favorite tastes at all: From sweets, chocolates, cakes & ice-creams to curd, paneer, cheese, pizza and tea/coffee, almost every taste you are accustomed to can now be had milk/egg free!

Anyone seeking information about veganism is most welcome. You need not be a vegan to join the group. All that is expected is an open and empathetic mindset!