Happy mother’s day? No way!

Courtesy : Madhulika Jajodia

hyd-vegans-blog-picToday as we celebrate the mother’s day, as we drink and eat the products stolen from constantly grieving mothers, I begin to wonder whether its really a happy mother’s day ? We should at the risk of sounding Speciest, call it, a happy “human mothers” day! It’s only us who will get to hug the babies today, cuddle them, and keep them close to our hearts. The rest, though they experience the joy of giving birth, will never get to touch or feed their newborns. Night after night these mothers will weep, broken hearted, for the babies they will never see again.

The eggs for that scrumptious cake that your son or daughter bought for you, and celebrated the day with, come from hens who never get to see chicks emerging from the eggs they lay every day. They get depleted laying them day after day, only to be slaughtered when they are no longer “useful mothers”. The male baby chicks are ground alive as meat. The female chicks are kept separately till they grow up enough to become egg laying machines like their mothers.

The milky coffee or tea that was served with lot of hugs and smiles form your children, is the reason for millions of calves either being starved to death or sold for veal. A cow’s gestation period is around 9 months, the same as us human mothers. She never gets to feed the milk that nature provided her to nourish her babies. A mother cow’s cry after her calf has been taken away from her is heart rending. Depleted of milk and with a broken heart, she too ends up in a slaughter house, her only fault, she stops being a “commercially viable mother”.

Tonight as we hug our children close to our hearts, read them stories and laugh at their antics, let us also remember those non-human mothers who have been denied the very basic joys of motherhood, only so that we humans can enjoy the stuff that was meant for their babies instead of us. Vegans do not disrespect any mother, they refuse to celebrate at the expense of someone else’s pain. Think, are you truly celebrating a happy mother’s day? To celebrate the true spirit of a mother-child bond, do the right thing, go Vegan! (for details, check the links below)


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